adam and eve - buzz cason (1968)

reminds me of malick’s badlands.

what am i going to do? - the dovers (1965)


  Nearly one year ago, 10/9/13,  I sent Dane Martin 50.00 for a small art commission.  As months passed, I began to wonder when I would receive it.  I sent a couple of polite inquires regarding the whereabouts of my package and received no response.  More months passed and I grew frustrated and called Dane out on one of his posts about stealing from me.

  Since he is a coward, he had his girlfriend write to me and tell me that his package was lost in the mail and not to slander him.  I failed to see how addressing the facts was slander but I wrote to Dane anyway and said that if it was just lost in the mail (which is highly unlikely) he could have just told me.  He wrote back and told me I would receive my art in a week.  That was two months ago. 

  Further inquiries have been disregarded and I’m pissed.  Even more so because another person wrote to me to complain that Dane stole from him too.

  I understand that I risk alienating people by bringing this negative BS to my blog but my purpose is that I don’t want Dane Martin to rip off anyone else.  He flat out stole from me, and at the rate he is trying to sell things, I can only imagine how many other people he has done this to.

    Dane, you’re a scumbag and karma is real.  This isn’t a veiled threat, as I abhor violence, but it’s a belief that your misdeeds will one day catch up to you.

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